Monday, June 13, 2011

What is communication?

This is communication. Well, at least that’s how many of us see it. Mostly we refer to communication in two models. The linear communication model and the interactive communication modelThese models are based upon social interaction with others, and a popular tool in order to plan and analyze communication. However, not all of us see communication this way. Some of us see communication not just between people, but also between people and objects.

To communicate is to share with each other, but is this only based upon sharing with people, or is it also valid to look for communication between people and objects? Share your thoughts on this matter!

Friday, June 10, 2011



My name is Martin Sandtrøen. I've studied media and communication as well as pedagogy. This blog can be understood as a combination of both communication and pedagogy. My goal is to discuss a variety of different approaches on communication and how these approaches relate to each other. In newer pedagogy, Vygotsky has gained a strong foothold with his idea of the social constructivism learning theory, and his take on cultural importance. By relating this with communication I hope to inspire interesting thoughts and discussions.